Chandua is a form of appliqué in which pieces of fabric (and other materials such as sequins) are sewn onto a larger piece of fabric to form a wall-hanging. This art form is common in Pipli, Odisha, India. Below are examples of chanduas made by Manorama Mohanty throughout her life in addition to other forms of fabric-based and knit works of art. In the top row are chanduas showing religious figures including Lord Ganesh, Lord Jagannath, and Lord Krishna as a child. On this page are also are chanduas featuring Konark chakra, stone wheels of the famous Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha, India.

Ganesh Chandua

Jagannath Chandua

Baby Krishna Chandua

Blue Konark Chakra Chandua

Red and White Woolen Knit Bag

Handmade Fabric Bird

Taj Mahal Chandua

Tan and Maroon Knit Handbag

Green and White Dotted Purse

Cyan Konark Chakra Chandua

Banana Plant Chandua

Knit Door Hanging